Blue Jay's Call

Geometric Abstract Paintings: Songs of the Birds

These abstract paintings are the colors of the bird and the songs they sing.  Capturing musical song in visual art is elusive and bird song is an interesting explorative journey.  The color is first researched to match that of a particular bird and the song or call is downloaded from a song recording.  Using the song and the color, the painting is then composed, and developed with an airbrush and acrylic paint.  
The representational bird paintings are ink and acrylic on clayboard.  Using scratchboard and ink allows for color transparency and translucence.  For more information go also to the Contact Page.

"Hanna's providing us with the visual link between science and art--nature and aesthetic. Her "Songs of the Birds" is a magnificent tribute to some of life's finest singers as well as her finely calibrated handiwork."
– John Carlos Cantro,, 
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