Blue Jay's Call

Geometric Abstract Paintings: Songs of the Birds

These paintings are the abstract music of various birds.  Capturing musical song in visual art is elusive and bird song is an interesting explorative journey. First and foremost, it is about color.  Color comes from study of each bird in a museum setting rather than a photograph.  After color, each individual bird song can be recorded directly as the bird sings or from bird sound libraries.  Using computer software, the recording can be changed into the song's pattern. The objective is to show the song's movement through time so the viewer can perhaps feel the illusionary vision of the song.  
Representation of the bird itself, is also important and many local birds are shown in their own environment.  Using scratchboard allows for color transparency and translucence. 

"Hanna's providing us with the visual link between science and art--nature and aesthetic. Her "Songs of the Birds" is a magnificent tribute to some of life's finest singers as well as her finely calibrated handiwork."
– John Carlos Cantro,, Nov. 7, 2011
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